It's almost spring
I have only shoveled a little snow this winter. I'm very grateful we haven't had tons of snow. However, I'm concerned we will have a long drought...... Can I hear from you all how your winter has gone? I'm happy to let you know I just was awarded a small grant to do a project at my local library. I'm so excited. Never got an outside grant like this before.... Hope you are all healthy and happy. Love and HUGS to you all.

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Well, it's Dec. 2015. I would like to say hi and sorry I"ve not been around. Long story short, we were in a very dark place since my last post. It has been a long, long road, still winding, but the light is getting brighter. I can now take the time to write again. This season remeber you are all presents in my life, and I open your gifts to read every time you post. Bless you all  for the new year and beyond.

Gasland and fracking.
If you haven't seen it yet, you can now see what fracking has done to people all over the country of the US and this is going on all over the world as well. Educate and understand this is NOT what the gas companies will tell you. Then pass this on .

"This land was made to be frack free"- Pete Seeger
So long Pete. I loved singing with you almost a year ago. We were in Albany together protesting fracking. I will have this moment singing with you as one of the most exciting moments of my life. Standing next to you and watching you play your banjo, with your angelic face, your grace and your wisdom of pure non-violence. You spoke for the people, for many generations. Be at peace with your wife in a better place, where there is no problems. Thank you Pete. I enjoyed skippering the beautiful ship "The Clearwater" on the Hudson. You have shaped the world, and our little lights will shine on , bringing your message forever. Peace be with you Pete. Thank you.

July 16th
At 7:35pm, in our Town Hall, Our Town Board voted unanimously to ban fracking. This is democracy in action. This is where the people have spoken and the officials have responded. This is where , God willing, we will not see an industrial activity come into our bucolic way of life,and destroy all other ways of living and life , just for profit of a few. Thank you my Town Board. You have changed the course of my town forever. I can go to bed at night and see the stars, listen to the bugs, hear the water in the streams flow, and get up in the morning knowing, I won't see pads of drilling going on, large haulers destroy the roads, water being used laced with toxic chemicals, to pump with extreme pressure, into the ground to crack it, yes I can breathe the air and drink my tap water , knowing that it is safe right now, thanks to my Town Board. Amen.....

Happiest of Birthdays
To my dear friend Celebrian,
All the years
laughs and tears (of joy of course!)
We seem to go in and out
of touch .
Here's to you Cele
may your day be
the happiest for you.


Hockey and how it MUST change. Get rid of inconsistant reffing!
The New York Islanders 2012-13 Season

Argo f*#@k yourself!
Anyone see the movie Argo. I was on the edge of my seat and bit three finger nails. I didn't know Ben Affleck was such a good director and writer for this movie. Wow. I took hubby , who hates theaters and movies to see this, not wanting to play it up too much and LO! He loved the movie too. So if you haven't seen ARGO go see it. It's a roller coaster ride right to the finish!

The Hockey Gods...
Finally the Ranges won with Gabby getting a hat trick. God ....... I think the hockey Gods hate me. Last year Time Warner and MSG were fighting over money for us to even get MSG. We saw half the season on myp2p. Lousy but at least we saw the games. Now , this year, almost half the season is gone and the Rangers were 0-2 coming into last night's game. All I can say is glad they pulled it out at home last night. I think the fans might've thrown something at them!Cally

Merry Christmas
To all of my buds on livejournal, the Merriest of Christmas' to you and a hope for your future to be healthy, filled with love and joy, and happiness within you from peace.... Enjoy tomorrow and the life to come. Peace be with you all.


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